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From the Watsons

We thrive in any creative environment, and we indulge in the beauty of nature and its miraculous beauty.  We come from underprivileged families and cross paths when we attend the same high school.  Love began for us then.      

Present day (twenty years later), we have been blessed with a daughter who is nothing short of a miracle, a cozy home and our hearts overflowing with love in the beauty of nature, living and learning to appreciate and count our blessings.      

As for our photography, we create images from the heart, always looking for tender moments that make our souls melt, love in its purest forms.  We share these delicate moments through our images, portraying a unique story, capturing love and sharing its joy with all of its recipients.   We find this to be the most rewarding aspect of our work.

OUR GIVING TREE (please check it out!)

It's a unique moment for us, after what seems like multiple years of trials.  After having gone through what we see as the most challenging times in our lives, we suddenly have an awakening.  Something clicks for us, and we realize we have been looking at life with the wrong set of lens.  We embrace the Lord's mercy and grace that has been bestowed upon us.  We also realize we want to share His grace and love with those around us, too.  We learn that one doesn't have to be rich to give; one just needs to have a giving heart.

 “One of our greatest blessings is love, and we strive to share them through every image we capture.  Photography is a love poem woven into visibility, frozen in its most authentic and  vulnerable moment in time. “    -Love, Your Photographers