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This meant so much to us...

— With lots of love, Olivia & Joel

During our search for wedding photographers we unexpectedly met Jemel and Kay at an event that they were working. We were immediately impressed with how well they worked together and how friendly they were with those they took pictures of, making it easy to approach them. We briefly talked about their work and if they would be interested in shooting our wedding. 

We met with the couple a few weeks later to further discuss what we were looking for. Jemel and Kay were able to work around our budget without making us feel like we were compromising quality. We met with the couple several times leading up to the wedding. 

Jemel and Kay made it their mission to fully understand what kind of pictures we wanted taken, they asked us to provide them with a list of must have pictures as well as share any ideas that we found on pinterest with them so that they could have a better sense of our style. 

As time went on Jemel and Kay became more than just our wedding photographers. Their light hearted and easy going personalities allowed us to have a genuine relationship. 

We got married and it was absolutely perfect! Jemel and Kay were there to capture every moment. We enjoyed seeing how great they were at directing our distracted family members during the crowded family pictures. 

We also appreciated how they kept us calm when things did not go exactly as planned. They had the unique ability of being everywhere while going unnoticed, making it easier to get the candid shots we were looking for. 

We received our wedding pictures several weeks ago and are extremely happy … they have exceeded our expectations! We received many more pictures than we expected and now have many more memories to share with our loved ones. 

Jemel and Kay were even kind enough to send us a surprise wedding gift along with the amazing pictures. During the day of the wedding they took several videos which they used to create a documentary of our wedding day for us. This meant so much to us especially since we did not have a videographer for our wedding. We are so thankful to have met this wonderful couple! They have not only provided us with memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives but also a friendship we are eternally grateful for. Thank you Kay and Jemel! 

With a lot of love, Olivia & Joel

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